Making Progress: little by little: the four step approach

Your priority when taking a language course, is a matter close to our hearts: to make progress! To this end, we have established a four-step framework to ensure that your learning progress is in the best possible hands.

1. Practice makes perfect

Regular, structured learning is the key to vocabulary retention and long-term success. By using the tried and tested Institute4Languages vocabulary materials and cutting-edge on-line materials in tandem with the lessons, you will be best equipped for making great strides with your language learning!


2. Breaking down barriers and building confidence!

Speaking a foreign language needn’t be like tackling an obstacle course! To help you overcome your linguistic hurdles, our trainers stimulate natural conversation by means of a broad spectrum of topical discussions and talking points relevant to your everyday life and work, carefully adding in useful language to the mix as they go. This combination of relevance and reinforcement will help you to gain an instinctive feeling for the language and harness your real linguistic potential.


3. Hands-on activities

John Lennon and Paul McCartney, ebony and ivory; some concepts are simply incomplete without their partner. The same applies to language training, where language lessons and professional competence have become more closely entwined than ever before. It is thus of paramount importance, that the materials we develop for your language lessons are based closely on your own real-life professional scenarios, reflecting the areas you need to deal with confidently and competently on a day to day basis.


4. Listening

Documentaries, news broadcasts and authentic audiovisual clips provide learners with invaluable exposure to the wide-range of accents and natural paces of a language. Our trainers ensure that the learners are able to regularly interact with and respond to a range of up to date and professionally relevant audio and video materials, to enable students to discuss a broad range of current affairs with competence and confidence.