Bildungsurlaub/Intensive educational leave courses


Would you like the chance to refresh your business English, small talk, grammar and conversational skills? Why not combine work with pleasure, by taking the intensive Bildungsurlaub language course at Institute4Language.

Our Bildungsurlaub English B1 and B2 courses (according to the Common European Framework) are officially recognised by the Hamburg further education authority.

A Bildungsurlaub intensive course at Institute4Languages consists of:

► Two weeks intensive training for only 405/425* € per person (* 2/4 business lunches )
► Your own tailor made programme, including the opportunity to have your own English language presentation recorded to take home and keep.
► All learning material and course participation certificates included.
► A maximum of 6 participants per course.
► Small learning groups, meaning optimal language exposure for every student.
► 60 teaching units (6 teaching units per day)
Daily from Monday-Friday, 4 units in the morning, 2 units in the afternoon.
► An optional evening programme, including a visit to a real English pub with the option of taking part in a pub quiz entirely in English!

Enrol for the Bildungsurlaub B1 or B2 course and embark on a real life language learning journey, right on your own doorstep in the Hamburg warehouse quarter (Speciherstadt)!
If you want to be sure to invest your time meaningfully, and if high quality and a personal atmosphere are important to you, then an intensive language course at Institute4Languages is the one for you! Our highly experienced, qualified team of native speakers will ensure that using a combination of cutting edge didactic methodologies and interactive learning techniques, your English will be completely up to date on completion of the course.

The course is specifically geared towards employees who wish to gain more professional experience or are interested in following a new career path, towards companies who wish to give their employees the chance to professionally develop their international communication skills, as well as towards private clients who want to brush up their rusty language skills for personal use.

The accredited intensive language course at Institute4Languages enables you not only to be able to speak more confidently and fluently on a diverse range of current affairs topics, but also to gain a secure understanding of everyday English business terminology and those elusive idioms and phrases of a native speaker. Furthermore, we are dedicated to ensuring that the personal needs of every student are individually addressed throughout the learning process at all times.

If you have any questions about our tailor made B1 and B2 courses, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you!