Tailor-made business course for your company in Hamburg (e.g. Business English)

    The language school Institute4Languages Hamburg offers you individual training solutions for your company. Our main objective is to provide you with tailor-made content for the foreign language in question. Our professional business course – not only for business english – is geared to your needs and objectives which we structure and fill with vivid ideas. We offer our courses not only for business english but also for other languages needed, such as French, Spanish and Chinese or a language of your choice.

    Your business model defines the frame of our business english courses

    Your corporate culture, your strategic personnel planning and your in-house resources provide the necessary framework. In cooperation with your Personnel Managers, we will analyse your concrete needs and clarify together with you the communication tasks and the objectives of the language training. On the basis of an analysis form and a personal interview, we will identify the topics that your employees will be confronted with in their daily work and what exactly the challenges in external communication will be.

    First the analysis, then the success

    The analysis of the current situation provides us with an indication of the current state of knowledge of your employees. The European Reference Framework (GER/CEF) enables us to determine the current status quo in a targeted manner in order to work out the next steps conceptually. This gives you and your employees a clear overview so that you can then take the next concrete steps, which we will of course implement smoothly.

    Learn, test, be successful

    In addition to the consultation we also focus on the needs of your employees. A central component of Institute4Languages’ work is not only the conception of a target-oriented course but also the regular checking and evaluation of the language learning progress as well as the monitoring of the language course. In this way, we ensure that you will achieve your goals within the planned time frame and at the same time create a transparent basis of our successful work.

    Besides the obligatory monitoring of attendance in the business course, we give you regular feedback on the general state of development in the course, as well as on the individual training progress of the employees. Through our regular feedback , you will be kept up to date on the current status of the training measures which you have made possible.  Every course participant shall receive a certificate upon successful completion of the language course.

    The Institute4Languages in Hamburg offers you a choice of different course concepts:

    Do you have any further questions or requests on how we can support the employees of your company?

    We will be happy to hear from you!

    Business English courses - classes online and offline in Hamburg


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