• Learn English in Hamburg

    Would you like to brush up on your English or be able to speak more eloquently? Then you’ve come finally to the right place! Our native-speaking teachers can help you reach your language learning goals with tailor-made training.

    The role of the english language in the world – good reasons to learn English

    The English language is among the most widely spoken languages in the world. In Europe alone, the staggering amount of more than 65 million people speak English as their mother tongue, and worldwide more than 300 million. English is also the most popular lingua franca, spoken worldwide as a common language among non-native speakers.

    With Institute4Languges, you’ll find courses suited to every level, from beginner to advanced, from group instruction to one-to-one lessons. We will ensure that you are challenged just enough and are able to build on your existing knowledge of English.

    Listening, reading, speaking, writing – how to develop your English language skills

    With a free placement test, we determine your current language level so that you can be sure you are benefiting from the course most suitable to you. Competent and experienced colleagues at Insitute4Languages are available to you for consultation at your convenience.

    Whether you would like to prepare for an upcoming road trip, strengthen your language skills for your career or studies, or if you need English for a specific purpose, together we will find for sure the right course for you so that you can start making progress right away.

    Contact us to find out about doing a trial lesson at your convenience to learn English in Hamburg!

    Learn English in Hamburg and in our online courses

    Helpful online dictionaries arrows translation from to

    Merriam Webster Dictionary Online
    Linguee dictionary

    Audio-visual Resources

    Watching news programmes on CNN with English subtitles help you to learn English, as the subtitles support your understanding of the spoken text.

    The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC for short) is a public broadcasting system from Great Britain dedicated to international news. The pronunciation is clear and slow, which helps to reinforce your understanding of English.

    Do you like podcasts? National Public Radio (NPR) from the United States offers a variety of programmes, so there is something for everybody to listen to: from interviews with prominent figures (Fresh Air) to in-depth news reporting (All Things Considered) to analysis of the US American media landscape (On the Media).

    TED Talks are short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less) on any topic you can imagine. Don’t take our word for it: Browse their index of topics to discover and learn about our world and ourselves — all in English (with transcripts and subtitles if you like!)


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