Progress in learning

    The 4-Step Method –

    Putting one foot in front of the other

    Your progress as a language learner is our passion. This is why we’ve developed a four-step method to ensure advances in your learning.

    Practice makes perfect!

    Regular repetition of newly learned words reinforces the target vocabulary. By using Institute4languages’ tried-and-tested vocabulary materials and innovative online materials, you will be all set to make great progress in your language learning.

    Overcoming inhibitions and stage fright

    Mastering a new language should not be like navigating an obstacle course! Our trainers engage course participants in authentic conversations. In Institute4Languages courses, a broad spectrum of relevant topics and questions having to do with daily life and work promote natural speech and reduce your inhibitions in using your target language. These conversations are complemented with relevant vocabulary development exercises to help you speak more accurately. This combination of relevance and reinforcement will help you to gain an instinctive feeling for the language and harness your real linguistic potential.

    Practice-oriented exercises

    John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Ebony and Ivory; Some concepts are simply incomplete without their partners. The same applies to language training, where language lessons and professional competence are more closely linked than ever before. That’s why it’s critical that the materials we develop for your language lessons are closely aligned with your own real-life professional scenarios and that they reflect the areas where you need to be confident and competent every day.

    Focused listening comprehension

    Documentaries, news broadcasts and authentic audiovisual clips offer the learner an invaluable exposure to different accents and natural paces of a language. Our trainers ensure that the learners are able to regularly interact with and respond to a range of up to date and professionally relevant audio and video materials. This enables participants to discuss a wide range of current topics confidently and competently.


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