Language courses at Institute4Languages


As the self-styled „The School 4 Life“ Institute4Languages offers you language courses tailor-made to fit people of all ages and walks of life.

1. Courses 4 U: Group training or Individual training

Is it high time to brush up on your rusty Spanish for the holidays? Need to polish up your Business English for an upcoming presentation? Or fancy learning something completely different? Then look no further!

We hand-pick the right teacher for you, who will not only put your personal training goals into practice, but adapt to your personal needs; be it a group or 1-1 lesson, an evening or a daytime course.

2. In-Company Training

In this day and age, one language just isn’t enough to stay ahead of the pack in international business. Why not try out one of our tailor-made language packages and join the numerous satisfied longstanding corporate clients for whom Institute4Languages is the first port of call for all things linguistic.

Effective language training

It’s a matter close to our heart to create an effective language course for you. For this reason we take extreme care to place every individual student in a group based on their current language skills and own explicit needs to ensure a meaningful learning experience from the word go. As a result both the performance of your employees and their language skills will show a marked improvement, achieved through the use of work-oriented exercises, diverse activities and the integration of multi-media tools and self-created materials.
We organise the lessons and times to fit you; flexibility is our middle name!

The foundations for a good relationship are built on trust and transparency at all levels. Therefore, making the choice for Institute4Language as your language provider does not end in the classroom, but continues in our comprehensive feedback and customer support.

We take on the complete process for you from beginning to end, covering internal course matters such as attendance or lesson changes to employee satisfaction to course organisation, progress and certification.

Horses for courses

We view each individual customer as precisely that; individual. We therefore create a tailor-made unique offer for each customer’s every need. At Institute4Languages it’s our solid customer- relationships that are set in stone, not our prices.

3. Workshops / Intensivkurse

Do you need to prepare for a presentation at short notice?

Is there a project you are working on that requires your staff to be well-versed in another language in a short period of time?

Our team can create a tailor-made solution for your exact business needs at short notice, so that you can fully realise your goals as quickly and efficiently as you need to.

4. Examination preparation

Whether your personal career plans involve spending a period of time studying abroad (TOEFL), emigrating to Australia (IELTS), becoming a German Citizen (B1 DAF), or if you are simply looking to whip your CV into shape (Cambridge, Goethe, DELF/DELE) look no further than the Institute4Languages examination team!

Our specialist team of qualified linguists are on hand to give you a full complimentary consultation regarding the examination of your choice, as well as preparing you thoroughly for your chosen course to ensure you pass with flying colours!